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G-2 Equipment for Handling Ltd. is an importer to Israel of high quality equipment for in-location transfer of material and equipment.

The company is well known for its ability to find innovative products and technologies and successfully market them at the local market.

G-2 invests heavily in marketing those new products by participating in many local trade shows, telemarketing, e-mail campaigns, advertisements in the web and being "in the field"  by visiting many customers in their locations. We focus on responsiveness to our customers and we need suppliers that can answer this need.

In addition we emphasize after sales service, to achieve high level of customer satisfaction for the long run.


Among our customers are the leading industrial companies, logistics centers, governmental offices, hospitals, and more.


The company is ISO 9001 certificated.

Our contact details:

2/15 Hamelacha st. Rosh Haayin 48091, Israel
T +972-3-9382262
M +972-52-6400859



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